Eligible organisations can get volunteer P2P licensed translation and interpretation support.

Volunteer Translation/Interpretation

We are a nonprofit community initiative and we cooperate with eligible local/international nonprofits, community groups, collectives, cooperatives, NGOs, foundations, open source softwares, civil organisations and individuals supporting people affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquakes.
We can translate your website, application, news, social media posts, videos and documents about the earthquake disaster.
We can interpret for your relief and aid efforts, teams and meetings online and on-site.

We can translate

We can help you with the translation of written content and videos specifically related to the earthquake disaster, such as:

  • Local and international community-based nonprofits supporting rescue and aid efforts

  • Websites and open-source applications about earthquake

  • News, reports and newspaper articles about earthquake

  • Videos about earthquake crucial to be translated

  • Social media posts about earthquake crucial to be published multilingual

  • Access to services, protection, support and aid for minoritised and unheard communities in the region

  • Public documents and information created for humanitarian and other aid and relief support

  • Relevant documents and information available to end users through open and free access

We can interpret

Our community can help you with online and on-site interpretation related to the earthquake disaster, such as:
  • Interpretation support for relief and aid teams about earthquake

  • Remote community interpretation about earthquake

  • On-site community interpretation about earthquake

  • Online and on-site meetings about earthquake

Translation Request Form

Please fill out the form to request volunteer translation & interpretation from us.